Boer Goat Farming

Boer Goat Farming

Profit From A Growing Boer Goat Farming Industry

Boer goat farming is growing rapidly worldwide, there is a huge demand for Boer goats and Boer goat meat from buyers on local levels and of course overseas buyers. Many farmers do not have the stock levels to meet a growing and potentially lucrative export market for goat meat and the by-products that can be made from goats. There is a huge demand worldwide for goat meat, as well as for stud animals as breeders try to improve their flocks.

Boer Goats Originated In South Africa

Boer goats were developed in South Africa from an indigenous breed with the addition of some European, Angora and Indian breeds. The name of these goats comes from the Dutch word “boer” which means “farmer” in English, and this was used to distinguish them from Angora goats which were previously imported into South Africa during the nineteenth century. The present day Boer goat appeared in the early 1900s when South African farmers started selecting for a specific meat type goat.

Selective Breeding Has Produced Quality Goat Meat

The Boer goat is quite a large animal and is a good meat-producer. The selective breeding over the last century has led to fast growth rates and excellent meat qualities and making them a popular choice for farmers. In addition to this, Boer goats have a high resistance against disease and adapt well to nearly every environment. With the changing eating patterns of western consumers toward leaner meats, the Boer goat meat and goats meat in general is a favored choice by some cultures where people do not eat beef or pork.

Boer Goat Farming For Profit

Besides the quality lean goat meat from the Boer, there are many other products which can be produced while Boer goat farming and milk is one of the more common by-products of goats. Other Boer goat milk products a farmer could produce include powdered milk, yogurt and even ice cream. Goats milk also makes a good moisturizer, making it suitable for soaps, lip balms, foot creams and lotions. Boer goat farming can generate you a solid income with relative ease, this Breed of Goat is also very easy to raise, generally quite tame, and they are also very profitable. Raise Boer goats for profit, and Learn More Here!